This shop is for pickup in poland only. you can make an preorder and pickup and pay cash in poland.

Delivery for New Year 2016

Important information regarding the punctual delivery to New Year's Eve 2019/20

A timely delivery is only guaranteed when you until 11.12.2019 - 23:59 clock order and your payment is booked to Monday 11.12.2019 to our account. Please keep in mind that transfers can take 2-3 days. Please transfer therefore your order as soon as possible. For more information and answers to frequently asked questions can be found here
Until when can you order, so still yet komt the goods until New Year's Eve?

Orders can be placed for delivery only until 11.12.2019 to 23:59 clock. After that, no more order is possible. We can not make an exception. Express shipping or the like is NOT possible! There is still enough time until New Year's Eve and there is no reason to get panic. The packages are i.d.R. after shipping only 1-2 working days to arrive. Most orders so even arrive before Christmas !! Shipping is absolutely secure. More information by mail gladly.
When payment must be made, I can pay with PayPal, so it goes faster?

Payments must be booked until Monday, 16.11.2019 to our account. Payments for orders that arrive after that, can no longer be berücksichrigt. So if you until 17.12. have not received any confirmation about your payment, please contact us as soon as possible. Send us documents / screenshots on the payment. Should there received payments, you can choose between: Cancellation and refund the payment (remittance, credit on account) or supply from January 2020. A payment through PayPal is not possible explicitly. We work according to the series..
I've ordered, and then the products were sold. If the products are reserved?

Yes! All products are reserved for sending the order for 7 days. Do not worry, therefore, that products are subsequently marked as sold. We use an enterprise resource planning system.
Will there be new products and are sold products increased again?

It is recommended not to wait for new goods because the rush is quite large, and until then other products could be re-sold. Some popular products are replenished (eg FP3, Colour Salute, Tuono firecrackers) but many others no longer come this year! By cancellations but can individualize products to be available again.

Come zinc products as Vogelschreck 533/725 or rockets again?

NO! We expect this year no longer supply of zinc. Only while stocks last. By cancellations but may be available again sporadically products!

Can one reserve or pre-order products?

Here with us no advance is possible, as this often caused problems in the past. e.g. Delivery delays or false deliveries of up to no more supply on the part of the manufacturer or importer. This then leads to considerable effort and a lot of frustration among customers. Anger is then inevitable. Sorry, we can not give an exact date and when certain things are available again. We do our best to avoid supply shortages. We offer a feature on the main page of the sold products at the store, when you can register for the respective product with your email address and receive an email notification when the product is available again. I would suggest you to sign there, then you immediately know if we have that available again.

Shippinh to The Netherlans / NL / France / Belgium?
We don't send Fireworks to Netherlands / NL or France. Sorry!