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Funke - Iskra Line - Błysk 49 Sh 30mm Cakebox SFC15497

Funke - Iskra Line -  Błysk 49 Sh 30mm Cakebox SFC15497

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Green Tail to Chrys. Willow Green Stars; Red Tail to Red Palm White Strobe; Blue Tail to Gold Glittering Willow Blue Stars; Red Tail to Red Blue + White Strobe; Blue Tail to Seablue Lemon; Green Tail to Purple Dahlia + Orange Dahlia + Green Strobe; Crackling Tail to Crackling Willow + Chrys.

Manufacturer Iskra
Product ID SFC15497
Sales Unit 1
NEM 882g
Shots 49
Caliber Ø 30mm
Shape I-Shape
Size 265 x 265 x 175 mm
Category CE-F3
CE/BAM 395-F3-0327/2014
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