Pickup and Cash Payment in Slubice Poland

The ordered goods you can also easily pick us up at our pick-up location in Slubice and pay cash. We works and what benefits it brings, we will tell on this page shortly.


When can I pick up my order? What are the opening times and you also open on weekends?

you can come in the opening times to pickup or buy fireworks in store:

Thu - Sat:  10:00 to 18:00 o'clock


Can I still buy fireworks products on site in addition?

Yes, but you can only buy products of fireworks categories 1,2 and 3 (CE F1, F2, F3) it's not possible to order or pickup category 4 in local store!!!


Where do I pick up my order? I can not find the building.

The Address:

69-100 Slubice


How can I pay on site?

You can pay either in cash at our site. We accept cash in euro and zloty. At a later date the payment is scheduled by Maestero- and credit card.


How does it work with the 30% discount?

As a bonus, get fetcher and paying cash with us a discount of 30% on the gross value of goods. This discount is being settled not automatically in the order process. The discount is valid for the entire product range in the online shop.




Still have questions? Ask us for support. We will gladly answer your questions about pickup / pickup.