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Ogrodowa, 69-100 Slubice, Poland

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Thu: 10:00 bis 18:00 Uhr
Fri: 10:00 bis 18:00 Uhr
Sat: 10:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

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Argento 25 Schuss Knallbatterie "Color Thunder " 20mm New
White Blinker Fire Pots to lighttrack ascents in 5 alternating colors to titanic salads. ..
9.50 EUR Ex Tax: 7.72 EUR
Blast Battery / Salute from Original Fireworks Zena Caliber 20mm, 16 rounds Price per battery ..
6.00 EUR Ex Tax: 4.88 EUR
25 shots bang battery from Original Fireworks Belgium, burning time approx. 25 seconds Price per ba..
7.50 EUR Ex Tax: 6.10 EUR
Argento 49 Schuss Knallbatterie "Green Thunder" 20mm New
In increasing speed fired fire pots from green blinkers to blue tracer ascents to titan salads. ..
18.50 EUR Ex Tax: 15.04 EUR
Iskra Gigant 2 - 7 Sh Cakebox 20mm AC20-7-2 New
Blue tail to Brocade with blue stars ..
4.50 EUR Ex Tax: 3.66 EUR
Iskra Gigant 3 - 7 Sh Cakebox 20mm AC20-7-3 New
Silver tail to big silver crackling Chrysanthemum ..
4.10 EUR Ex Tax: 3.33 EUR
Argento 13 Schuss Batterie "Scorpio" 30mm New
Goldblinker fire pot to golden Knisterschweif rise to golden crackling palm with large bouquet of si..
15.00 EUR Ex Tax: 12.20 EUR
Iskra Gigant 4 - 7 Schuss Batterie 20mm AC20-7-4 New
Blue tail to gold titanium willow with green strobe ..
4.30 EUR Ex Tax: 3.50 EUR
Iskra Gigant 5 - 7 Sh Cakebox 20mm AC20-7-5 New
Red tail to white strobe ..
4.10 EUR Ex Tax: 3.33 EUR
Argento 25 Schuss Batterie "Volta Multicolor" 20mm New
Rapidly shot turning comets, alternating in red, blue, purple, yellow and green. Silent effect. ..
14.50 EUR Ex Tax: 11.79 EUR
Iskra Wariat 25 Sh 25mm Salute Cakebox IC25-25-1 New
Gold strobe mines to silver spinning tails to titanium salute ..
25.50 EUR Ex Tax: 20.73 EUR
Argento 13 Schuss Batterie "Hysteria" 30mm New
Silver Cracker tail rise to long burning silver cracker palm, combined with large bouquet of gold cr..
14.00 EUR Ex Tax: 11.38 EUR
Iskra Gigant 1 - 7 Sh Cakebox 20mm AC20-7-1 New
Blue tail to loud titanium giant salute ..
4.50 EUR Ex Tax: 3.66 EUR
Argento 13 Schuss Batterie "Eisblume" 30mm New
Fire pot of white flower stars to red tracer ascension to blood red dahlia with white flower stars...
14.00 EUR Ex Tax: 11.38 EUR
Argento 13 Schuss Batterie "Medusa" 30mm New
Two-color flashlight climb to two-color blinking willow, always with red and green blinking stars. ..
14.00 EUR Ex Tax: 11.38 EUR
Straight and V shape: Green tail to Big Gold Palm with Seablue and Green star ;Blue tail to Big Gold..
30.00 EUR Ex Tax: 24.39 EUR
Single Shots with bang effect similar to Thunder Kings of different brands in a pack of 6 pcs CE-F..
2.50 EUR Ex Tax: 2.03 EUR
Iskra Werwa 61 Schuss 30mm Batterie SFC15612 New
Green Tail to Purple Stars + Green Stars + Chrys.; Blue Tail to Seablue + Blood Red + White Strobe; ..
70.00 EUR Ex Tax: 56.91 EUR

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