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Ogrodowa, 69-100 Slubice, Poland

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Smoke & Bengalo

Smoke & Bengalo
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green or yellow smoke 1 pc ..
8.00 EUR Ex Tax: 6.50 EUR
Smoke Green, NVA ..
10.00 EUR Ex Tax: 8.13 EUR
Smoke, 30 s 2-side. pull ignitor CE T1 Price for one pc.   ..
7.00 EUR Ex Tax: 5.69 EUR
Jorge JF48/B Bengalo Blue 5 pcs New
Bengalos / Handflares Jorge Colour Smoke Blue Time: 40 s Price per pack with 5 pcs ..
12.00 EUR Ex Tax: 9.76 EUR
Handleuchtzeichen von verschiedenen Herstellern wie z.B. Ikaros, Pains Wesex, Orion und weitere imm..
10.00 EUR Ex Tax: 8.13 EUR
Price per Pc. different manufacturer (not possible to choose) Burning Time minimum 60 s ..
7.00 EUR Ex Tax: 5.69 EUR
Fontänen mit Blinkeffekt (Strobe / Stroboskop) mit einer Brenndauer von ca. 36 Sekunden. Preis gilt..
2.20 EUR Ex Tax: 1.79 EUR
Smoke Grenade from Original Vuurwerk Belgie Burning Time ca. 30 s different colours to choose Pri..
3.85 EUR Ex Tax: 3.13 EUR
Jorge Smoke Grenade Burning Time ca. 40s T1 Certified ​Price per Box with 5 pcs ..
8.25 EUR Ex Tax: 6.71 EUR
Based on 1 reviews.
big bengal torch fireworks yellow or green to choose. 4 pcs per pack ..
7.20 EUR Ex Tax: 5.85 EUR
Bengalos / Handflares of JORGE Red Time ca. 40 s ​Price per Box with 5 pcs   ..
11.50 EUR Ex Tax: 9.35 EUR
Bengalos / Handflares of JORGE Green Time ca. 40 s ​Price per Box with 5 pcs   ..
11.50 EUR Ex Tax: 9.35 EUR
NVA / Silberhütte Germany / Rarity old Handflare made in germany price per pc. ..
8.50 EUR Ex Tax: 6.91 EUR
Fakkel / Bengalo / Handflare big version in green or yellow to choose ​price per pack with 4 pcs ..
7.50 EUR Ex Tax: 6.10 EUR
Comet / Pains Wesex  3 Min Rauchkörper  Orange mit Reisszünder New
Comet / Pains Wesex Smoke 3min Orange  CE-P1 Price per pc. ..
10.00 EUR Ex Tax: 8.13 EUR

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