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Original Vuurwerk Zena

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Orange Fuse - Lunte 8s/meter, 3 Meter Pack New
Lont Orange Safety Fuse, 8s/meter, 3m total price per 3m pack ..
2.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 2.03 EUR

Morning Glory - Bunte Handfackeln 6 pcs New
Colorful Hand Torches by Zena Original Fireworks, 6 pcs in the pack. Burning time approx. 40 seconds..
1.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 0.81 EUR

Ice Fountains  - Original Fireworks - 4 pcs New
Ice Fountains for Cakes etc. price per pack with 4 pcs ..
1.20 EUR
Ex Tax: 0.98 EUR

Nitraat Mat / Firecracker 48 Shots - Original Fireworks 1 pc -59%
Firecracker The Chain 48 Shots ​Price per pc ..
1.21 EUR 0.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 0.41 EUR

Extra Big Smoke Balls Original Fireworks 3 pcs New
Big smoke balls 40mm from Zena Original Fireworks in a pack of 3 assorted colors Price per pack of 3..
2.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 1.63 EUR

Firecracker The Chain 60 Shots ​Price per pc ..
1.92 EUR
Ex Tax: 1.57 EUR
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Zena Blue Torch Fackel New
Small torches from Original Fireworks Belgium in the color blue Price per piece ..
2.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 1.63 EUR

DJF/Thunder 450 - China Cracker - Original Fireworks - 100 pcs New
China Firecracker Original Fireworks with gray lont imported by funke fireworks 0,5g NEC per firec..
16.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 13.41 EUR
Based on 2 reviews.

Zena lBardarbungaera Silver Fountain  100g New
Crackling fountain "Bardarbunga" by Original Fireworks Zena with a long and strong silver effect tre..
5.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 4.47 EUR

Ground Bloem 8 pcs ..
2.20 EUR
Ex Tax: 1.79 EUR

Zena Original Piano Mat 12 Shots New
Classic pop chain in piano mat, with 12 shots of Original Fireworks Zena Very loud and powerful Pric..
4.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 3.25 EUR

Classic Thunder Cracker / China Cracker with gray lont from Original Vuurwerk Price per pack with ..
11.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 8.94 EUR
Based on 5 reviews.

Zena Black - Smoke Black 30s New
Smoke Bomb Black of Zena Original Fireworks The smoke comes from 2 openings at the same time. Burn..
5.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 4.07 EUR

Butterfly Chain / Vlindermat / Spanish Cracker Chain Original Fireworks Belgium 14 shots, low spee..
5.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 4.47 EUR

Zena Crackling Batteria / italian Art 4 pcs New
Traca / bang-chain of Italian design also called "Batteria" with crackling stars 4 pcs in the pack ..
32.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 26.42 EUR

Zena Hexablitz 19 Sh Cakebox 1 pc New
19 shot fireworks battery from Original Fireworks Zena Belgium with various effects Price per piece..
20.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 16.26 EUR

Zena Knetterton - Crackling Fountains 4 pcs New
4 small crackling fountains with strong crackling and kanger burning time of almost 2 minutes Price..
3.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 2.44 EUR

Original Fireworks Spanish Cracker C Trueno 20 pcs -41%
Spanish Cracker C / Trueno 20 pcs ..
10.99 EUR 6.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 5.28 EUR

Fakkel / Bengalo / Handflare big version in green or yellow to choose ​price per pack with 4 pcs ..
8.25 EUR
Ex Tax: 6.71 EUR

Zena Assortment "All-For-Fun" New
Fireworks range of Zena Original Fireworks Belgium with different fountains etc. (see photo) Price..
20.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 16.26 EUR