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New Products

Cobra 6 BP Silber Di Blasio Elio 5 pcs New
Firecracker with black powder from Di Blasio Elio with very good workmanship. Visually, the Böl..
14.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 11.38 EUR

Di Blasio Cobra P1 Match Cracker 20 pcs New
Well-known Cobra Firecracker as P1 approval with friction head ignition and 0.5 g BKS (flash bang se..
8.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 6.91 EUR

ABA Birdbangers 50pcs New
Birdbangers from ABA 50pcs in Box.   ..
30.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 24.39 EUR
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Dextrin Shark Cake 1 - Titanium Salute Cakebox 49 Sh New
49 Shots Titanium Salute Cakebox Cal 20mm, Time 30s ​ ..
20.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 16.26 EUR

Zena Galaxy Star Thunder King Single Shots 6 pcs New
Single Shots with bang effect similar to Thunder Kings of different brands in a pack of 6 pcs CE-F..
3.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 2.44 EUR

Funke China Böller A - Schinken 240 pcs New
Sound generator in traditional Chinese style, size 460 (3 "x 9/16"). 6 pieces per pack, 40 packs per..
61.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 50.00 EUR

Zena Hexablitz 19 Sh Cakebox 1 pc New
19 shot fireworks battery from Original Fireworks Zena Belgium with various effects Price per piece..
18.20 EUR
Ex Tax: 14.80 EUR

Funke Kawumm China Cracker Assortment New
China Firecracker Assorrtment  CE-P1 Price per Pack ..
13.51 EUR
Ex Tax: 10.99 EUR

Morning Glory - Bunte Handfackeln 6 pcs New
Colorful Hand Torches by Zena Original Fireworks, 6 pcs in the pack. Burning time approx. 40 seconds..
0.91 EUR
Ex Tax: 0.74 EUR

Ice Fountains  - Original Fireworks - 4 pcs New
Ice Fountains for Cakes etc. price per pack with 4 pcs ..
1.09 EUR
Ex Tax: 0.89 EUR

Orange Fuse - Lunte 8s/meter, 3 Meter Pack New
Lont Orange Safety Fuse, 8s/meter, 3m total price per 3m pack ..
2.28 EUR
Ex Tax: 1.85 EUR

Zena Crackling Batteria / italian Art 4 pcs New
Traca / bang-chain of Italian design also called "Batteria" with crackling stars 4 pcs in the pack ..
29.57 EUR
Ex Tax: 24.04 EUR

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