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for all corsairs etc. ..
1.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 0.81 EUR

Funke Boeller A - Corsair Match Cracher 10 pcs New
Funke Match Cracker incl. burning plate CE-F2 ​Price per pack with 10 pcs ..
3.10 EUR
Ex Tax: 2.52 EUR

Birdbanger Funke 50 pcs Knallpatronen VS New 2015 15mm -20%
New 2015 Birdbangers in different colours to use with bankguns. with loud titan salute bang. price ..
28.00 EUR 22.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 18.29 EUR
Based on 16 reviews.

Tuono Blue 5 - TB5 - Firecracker with blue delay 10 pcs New
Firecracker with flash and blue preburner (delay) + Titan Salute 5g NEC with plastic cover and no g..
4.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 3.66 EUR
Based on 3 reviews.

Funke Titanblitz 3 Mix - Titanium Firecracker with Bengal 20 pcs New
Mix-Pack of the 4 different Titanblitz-types. Different flames (red, green, blue, crackling), alway..
6.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 5.28 EUR

Smoke, 30 s 2-side. pull ignitor CE T1 Price for one pc.   ..
7.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 5.69 EUR

Funke Kawumm China Cracker Assortment New
China Firecracker Assorrtment  CE-P1 Price per Pack ..
13.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 10.98 EUR

Jumping Cracker / Frog with 9 Bangs Price per pack with 4pcs CE-F2 ..
2.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 1.63 EUR

Funke China Böller B Big Pack 240 pcs New
Oldschool Firecracker  CE-P1 Price per big pack with 40 packs a 6 cracker = 240pcs total ..
67.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 54.88 EUR

Funke Silver Fountain with whistle and crackling CE-F2 10 pcs ..
2.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 1.63 EUR

Ca. 4 seconds bright bengal flame in red or green, followed by a 3g titanium bang. Premium firecrac..
5.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 4.47 EUR
Based on 2 reviews.

Funke Trueno No. 6 Spanish Cracker - 10 pcs New
Truenos tamped by Spanish construction without plaster or similar materials, only with paper. 6g ban..
7.75 EUR
Ex Tax: 6.30 EUR
Based on 1 reviews.

Jumping Cracker / Frog with 11 Bangs Price per pack with 4pcs CE-F2 ..
2.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 2.03 EUR

Funke Whistle Fountains / Luftheuler Fontäne ​price per pack with 10 pcs ..
1.65 EUR
Ex Tax: 1.34 EUR

Jumping Cracker / Frog with 7 Bangs Price per pack with 5pcs CE-F2 ..
1.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 1.22 EUR

Firebird with report (flash) 12 pcs per pack ..
6.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 5.28 EUR

Funke Sternraketen with gold tail, 10 pcs New
Assortment of Rockets with the follow effects: CE-F2 Sternrakete Gold + Blau -> Effekt: Golds..
15.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 12.20 EUR

Firecracker with blue flame and 5g flash CE-P1, NEC: 7g Price per pack with 20pcs   ..
6.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 5.28 EUR

Funke Premium Line – version of the well known firecracker. Ca. 4 seconds bright green bengal flame..
5.50 EUR
Ex Tax: 4.47 EUR
Based on 2 reviews.

big Firebird with report (flash) 6 pcs per pack ..
6.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 4.88 EUR